Natural Zinc Oxide Sunscreens

Stay protected the natural way with Suntribe.

✓ Coral reef safe ✓ Mineral UV-filter
✓ Biodegradable

Developed by surf teachers -
Used by professional athletes.

Suntribe offers the new generation of sun protection: Highly effective and safe for you and the planet. We never use dangerous chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. As part of the tribe, you protect the environment and your skin.

The natural way of staying safe from the sun.

We only use natural ingredients which effectively protect you from the sun while being gentle to your skin and the environment. All our plant-based ingredients are certified organic. To use non-nano zinc oxide as the only UV-filter in our sunscreens was an easy choice. It is the safest and most acclaimed UV-filter available and offers broad spectrum protection against UVB & UVA rays.


Of ingredients in
the average sunscreen
are harmful for you
or nature.


Is the number of
ingredients found
in a sunscreen
on average.


Of the world’s coral
reefs are threatened
by chemicals in

Research shows chemicals in conventional chemical sunscreens can cause serious harm to us humans, with health risks ranging from hormonal disturbances, skin irritation to even skin cancer.

The natural environment suffers as well. Every year, 14 000 tons of sunscreen are washed into the ocean from swimmers, leading to widespread destruction of marine life. 10% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by bleaching caused by the most commonly used chemical UV-filter, Oxybenzone.

Developed by formulation experts.

We take pride in our sunscreen. Even though a lot of things in this world are fun and games, we’re dead serious about our sunscreen and its quality.

Our batches undergo rigorous testing at the Lund University Labs in Sweden. Among others, we make sure that the particle dispersion is homogeneous, so that every milligram of sunscreen in our product protects you the same.

Davide Dettori, Italy

Competitive surfer since 2004.

“Totally stays on for those super long surfs, no need to get back to shore to re-apply!”

Fanny Baumann, Sweden

Olympic Class Windsurfer.

“My skin feels great and I can put full effort towards my sport without itching, running or even noticing I’m wearing sunscreen, except for a nice cooling feeling!”

Rachael Hooper, UK

Winner of the British Femaly Junior Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships 2017.

“Huge fan! It simply works, can’t get over how nice it is on your skin and it smells so good!”



Marcos Baez, USA/ Hawaii

Successfully competed in 5 BIC sailing competitions.

“I absolutely love this sunscreen, can’t even feel the sun on my face anymore!”

Sunscreen that makes

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