Our Story

Our passion lies in creating natural sunscreen for highly effective sun protection. We’re Karl, Hampus and Julia – three friends that love nature just as much as we love pushing ourselves to our limits when surfing, climbing or running. As surf teachers and outdoor fanatics we’d grown tired of not being able to choose an alternative that didn’t compromise on any of these questions:

1. Will my sunscreen protect me long enough, even in water and while sweating?

2. Will it harm me?

3. Will it harm the environment?

We realised if we wanted safe, high performing and all natural sunscreens we had to create them ourselves. So that’s what we did. Together with formulation experts and university researchers at Lund University in Sweden, we set out on our path to create a new generation of safe sunscreens. 

Our natural sunscreens contain the absolute minimum of ingredients and ingredients that have scientifically been proven to be safe for people and nature. We never use any dangerous chemicals. At the same time, we do not compromise on quality or functionality. 

Happy natural sunscreens with no questionmarks attached, for us and everyone else – crazy-ass surfers, laid-back beachgoers and weekend hikers.

Meet Our Team


Really into snorkeling and climbing. Loves to sleep under the stars and brew beer with exotic flavours. Just bought a van that he's now equipping to become his new mobile home!


Addicted to surfing. Previously worked as a surf teacher in Portugal, now catching waves in Sri Lanka. Talented behind the lense. Nature lover in every sense of the word.


Loves running halfmarathons, diving and sailing. Also really into boxing. Minimalist. Most commonly found backpacking, next trip to ... Sri Lanka!

The three ingredients of our business: superb surf waves to bring things into motion, some sun to warm us up to the idea and shared passions to make the mass stick together. Stir until smooth.

Want to stir things up with us? Just drop us a line, we can’t wait to hear your story and see what we can achieve together.



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